Equipment set TP 8012-2 Wind Power (Complete)

Equipment set TP 8012-2 Wind Power (Complete)

Wind power study in a classroom

Just like solar power, wind power is getting more attention due to its ease of use and cost-effective installation. The small wind turbines represent a lot of decentralized production nodes that have to be taken into account in today’s electrical network.

Our wind power learning solutions come in a modular way which can also be mixed with other learning solutions. The packages start with an introduction to wind power using real wind turbine parts into a safe working environment along with our dynanometer that recreates realistic wind condition as well as the real power-torque curves. Once the introduction is done, student will experiment energy production to supply power to AC and DC loads.

Computerized tools made for learning

To guide students through their learning path, Festo Didactic provides state-of-the-art data acquisition tools for easy, safe and fast measurements in order to speed up the setup time but also reduce the downtime of using standard measuring instruments.

The Data Acquisition and Control Interface comes also with an oscilloscope, a phasor analyzer, a data table and a graph on specifically designed software optimized for learning purposes. In the same vein, the Dynamometer provided connects to your computer through USB using the same software in order to set it up quickly and easily to enhance the learning experience and recreates wind turbine conditions in the classroom environment.


  • Flexible packages for specific training and budget needs
  • A4 form factors
  • Modular approach giving opportunity to combine these packages with other topics
  • New and safer grounding methods between the modules
  • Wind Turbine Emulator embedded in a flexible Dynamometer
  • Real wind turbine parts in safe working environment
  • Top of the line data acquisition and control interface designed for learning purposes

Training Content

  • Voltage-Speed Characteristics
  • Torque-Current Characteristics
  • Power versus Wind Speed
  • Storing Energy from a Wind Turbine into Batteries
  • Stand-Alone Wind Power Systems for DC Loads
  • Stand-Alone Wind Power Systems for AC Loads


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The training documentation consists of:

  • Exercises and sample solutions
  • Educational instructions
  • Multimedia USB-Stick with or download access to graphics
  • Worksheets for students

The exercises in the workbooks contain the theory and lab manipulations that covers the above training content. For further information, click on the link below:

Introduction to Wind Power: Workbook


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