EduKit PA: Workbook

EduKit PA: Workbook

This workbook explains the basic principles of process technology and provides an introduction to the subject. It covers manual and automated measurement, open and closed-loop control and system design topics such as planning, installation, commissioning, marketing and sales. You will be provided with exercises including all necessary worksheets as well as didactic information and solutions as support for trainers. The workbook contains detailed descriptions of the problems and parameters. The worksheets guide students through the required steps of planning, execution and function testing.

The measurement/open and closed-loop control exercises relate to flow, level and pressure technology.

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Workbook with solutions for control technology / process engineering training with EduKit PA.

Trainees will learn how to classify different systems, describe components and functions and commission systems.

This workbook can be used together with EduKit PA for process automation to achieve the following training goals:

  • Knowledge of the design and functioning of EduKit PA
  • Understand and complete flowcharts
  • Understand and complete simple electrical circuit diagrams
  • Become familiar with the setup and mode of operation of a pressure gauge
  • Become familiar with the setup and mode of operation of a pump
  • Become familiar with the setup and mode of operation of a flow sensor
  • Record and analyse characteristic curves
  • Knowledge of the terms control and closed-loop control
  • Knowledge of the principles of a discontinuous controller (two-step action controller) and a continuous controller
  • Knowledge of essential systems engineering work steps, from planning to operation

B. Schellmann, H. Kaufmann
Edition 2009, 430 pages, in folder, incl. CD-ROM.


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