Training documentation “The safe system”

Training documentation “The safe system”

The training documentation entitled “The safe system” focuses on the safety of systems and machines, and is aligned to the new EC machinery directive. The MPS® Electrical Handling Station serves as a hardware example for the exercises. New project tasks, which progress from one to the next deal with, amongst other issues, failure modes and effects analysis, performance level, common cause failure, and diagnostic coverage. After completing a risk assessment for the station, other safety devices are addressed. The basic principles of the individual topics are also included in the training documentation.

The student learns to work with the issue of safety at the system, and is subsequently capable of describing components and functions. Solution sheets are available to the trainer. The workbook includes  a USB-Stick containing or download access to the worksheets, data sheets, and solutions, as well as information on the subject of safety technology.

Jürgen Hasel, Andrea Meles
Edition 2011, 176 pages, in colour, in folder


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