Training documentation - Mechatronics - "Sorting conveyor" module

Training documentation - Mechatronics -

This task is particularly suitable for covering basic skills and knowledge for the new "Mechatronics specialist" trade. It covers all course content for the first 18 months of training: manual working, machining, assembly, wiring, piping, commissioning, setting and testing (function, mechanical and electrical operational values).

Technical drawings, electrical and pneumatic circuits and sample production plans teach a systematic approach based on the principle "from simple to complex". The finished task represents a simple mechatronic system that demonstrates the interplay of mechanical, electrical, electronic and information-technology elements.

Comprehensive material lists, practice-focused exercises and worksheets supplied on CD-ROM in Microsoft Word format facilitate preparation for the instructor. Also, the design as an open, activity-focused factory-type task gives instructors the possibility to expand on exercises and implement their own ideas. The demanding tasks meets all requirements stated in the syllabus guidelines for the intermediate exam, so it can also be used as a task for this exam.

The task requires the parts modules "Branch" and "Conveyor". The system is set up on a baseplate with pneumatic and electropneumatic parts which most training organizations will have as part of the "Electropneumatics" test.

H. Meixner, H. Müller
Edition 1999, 102 pages, with CD-ROM, in binder


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