Communication-oriented approach to system malfunctions

Communication-oriented approach to system malfunctions

The importance of maintenance and servicing, in particular with respect to malfunction management, cannot be underestimated in production.

The purpose of this textbook is to teach students how to reduce downtimes. Identifying failure modes, diagnosing malfunctions, and fixing faults requires both specialist knowledge and interpersonal communication skills. This practical textbook addresses the situation using the case example of a medium-sized, beverage bottling company: training scenarios portray realistic situations, that provide instruction in a range of faults from the simple to the cross-linked.

Includes a CD-ROM with presentations on the topic of communication and troubleshooting, circuit diagrams, and function charts for the MPS® distributing and sorting stations, plus the textbook.

W. E. Theuerkauf, S. Funke, G. Graube
Edition 2006, 144 pages, in folder incl.


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