Fundamentals of hydraulics and electrohydraulics: Textbook

Fundamentals of hydraulics and electrohydraulics: Textbook

This textbook teaches the main fundamentals of hydraulics and electrohydraulics in a clear manner:

  • Physical fundamentals of hydraulics
  • Fundamentals regarding hydraulic fluids
  • Components of the power supply section
  • Drives, pressure regulators, directional control valves, shut-off valves, flow control valves, proportional valves as well as characteristic values and designs
  • Fundamentals of electrical engineering and electrical components
  • Workflow descriptions for processing machines and production systems
  • Circuit symbols and layout of circuit diagrams
  • Safety measures for electrohydraulic control systems

Renate Aheimer, Christine Löffler, Dieter Merkle, Georg Prede, Klaus Rupp, Dieter Scholz, Burkhard Schrader
2012 edition, 232 pages, in colour, bound.

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