Power supply systems and protective measures: Workbook

Power supply systems and protective measures: Workbook

The workbook for power supply systems and protective measures covers in detail the topic of the safety of electrical systems in accordance with DIN VDE.

The specific conditions and the measures for avoiding dangerous situations are explored using realistic situations. Different types of networks (TN-C, TN-CS, TT and IT network), protection against direct and indirect contact, protection against electric shock (including in the event of a fault), protection through RCD, and initial and repeat testing of electrical systems and devices are explained in project form.

The workbook contains:

  • Solutions
  • Didactic notes
  • Worksheets for the student
  • Multimedia CD-ROM with graphics 


The worksheets support the student in the information and planning phase, execution, and monitoring and documentation.

Each student must carry out, evaluate and document all the exercises on their own.

J. Stumpp
Edition 2012, 230 pages, in color, in folder.



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