Learning Factory 4.0, Balingen





Project Description

In 2015, the school was awarded a contract for the project, which is sponsored by the state of Baden-Württemberg and is also financially supported by the regional economy. Vocational and engineering students, teachers, as well as the local industry are delighted by the learning laboratories.

In the future, the school will be an important partner for many industrial companies in the region. With these learning laboratories, specialists will be trained to meet the demands of the respective production.

The Philipp-Matthäus-Hahn-Schule purchased five learning laboratories – CNC Milling & Turning, Hydraulics, Mechatronics and Industry 4.0.

The installation of the learning laboratories took place in 2016.

Highlights of the Laboratory

Learning Environment for:

  • Mechatronics
  • Hydraulics/Electro-hydraulics
    CNC Milling
    CNC Turning
  • Industry 4.0

Customer Benefits

  • Wide range of applications: From basic training up to the highly sophisticated mobile working machine and learning factory
  • Education solutions – according to industrial requirements
  • Increasing employability of graduates
  • State-of-the-art training equipment and latest industrial technology
  • Laboratory planning at the highest level
  • Experience of Industry 4.0 in practice 

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Mr. Eckhard von Terzi
Head of Global Project Solutions