FACT Centre Beijing, China

Beijing Educational College of Electronic Science


Project Description

The FACT Centre Beijing houses six labs, which dispose of cutting edge training equipment and constitute a perfect environment for application-driven learning.

The training subjects include Pneumatics, Electro-Pneumatics, Hydraulics, Electro-Hydraulics, PLC programming and Fieldbus technology and Fully automated system.

The aim of the FACT Centre is training for employability for their own students. In the future, the Centre will also offer training courses to machine operators, maintenance and repair staff and R&D specialists.

After its establishment, the FACT Centre has gained the reputation of a professional and competent partner in vocational training.

The FACT Centre has been established in 2009.

Highlights of the Laboratory

Learning Environment for:

  • Pneumatics / Electro-Pneumatics
  • Hydraulics / Electro-Hydraulics
  • PLC training and Fieldbus technology
  • Flexible Manufacturing System

Customer Benefits

  • Start with the basic disciplines of mechatronics in the Basic Training labs and continue to the highly-sophisticated, partly automated system.
  • Bring student education closer to industrial demands
  • Increase the employability of the graduates
  • State-of-the-art training equipment and competency based technology training
  • World-class lab design according to international standards

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Mr. Eckhard von Terzi
Head of Global Project Solutions