Learning Environment for Welding Technology

Welding Technology 3D lab Tour

Get welding know-how with best-in-class welding equipment

Our laboratory includes all that is necessary for MIG/MAG/TIG/MMA welding and plasma cutting, including welding cabinets, welding tables and all accessories.


  • Demo Welding Bench with motorized, high-wheeled viewing guard DIN 9
  • Fold-down platform for enhanced position of the welder
  • Electric control box
  • Stainless work surface, including rotatable seat for copper plate
  • All necessary elements for MIG/MAG/TIG/MMA welding, and plasma cutting
  • Includes welding cabinets, welding tables, and all accessories
  • Exhaust system to be installed within the building installation

Topics Covered

  • The selection, use and techniques of the various welding process used
  • The specific methods used in shielding the weld area from contamination
  • The selection of gasses used for shielding and purging
  • Weld positions, weld angles and electrode travel speeds
  • Faults / inclusions that may occur during welding
  • Appropriate methods of finishing completed welds
  • Range of destructive and non-destructive weld testing
  • The techniques for efficient stop / starts
  • The selection, adjustment and safe operation of electrical power tools
  • The methods used to control heat input
  • Methods and processes used in transfer of weld metal to the weld area
  • The benefits of alloying to improve the properties of welding material

A unique equipment portfolio

  • Set of MIG/MAG Welding
  • Set of TIG/MMA Welding
  • Demo Welding Bench