Learning Environment for Partly Automated Systems

Partly Automated Systems 3D lab Tour

Based on our industry experience, process automation training within partly automated systems and its applications should be completed in groups of two. This fosters not only the technical experience and knowledge, but also the soft-skills and communication competency. Trainees work on MPS Stations comprised of various control systems and applications together with computer systems.


  • MPS Transfer System for basic and advanced industrial training, mechatronics, and automation
  • MPS PA – The elementary control loops in the process industry
  • EduTrainer MPS/MPS PA: Programmable logic controllers from the market leader
  • Connected Learning with Tec2Screen; an innovative learning methodology that makes complex technologies easy to understand

Topics covered

The MPS Transfer system represents and covers the following production process steps in Industry:

  • Storage & Retrieval
  • Transportation
  • Handling
  • Quality Control
  • Processing
  • Assembly

The MPS PA Workstation covers all important learning targets in closed-loop control:

  • Pressure
  • Level
  • Flow
  • Temperature Control