Learning Environment for Mechanical Engineering

  Mechanical Engineering 3D lab Tour

Modern basic and advanced training in the metal sector

This lab comes with a full set of all necessary tools, workbenches and conventional turning and milling machines. The conventional lathes and milling machines are mainly used where highly accurate work needs to be carried out in a small space.


  • Essential basic technology for Automation and Mechatronics
  • High level of hands-on training on the different Mechanical processing steps
  • Complete lab-design with 12-tool set
  • Conventional Mill and Turn (Lathe) machines
  • Total installation
  • Training in all technologies


  • Full set of turning and milling machines mainly used where highly accurate work needs to be carried out in a small space
  • Working tables and accessories are designed for professional practice
  • Fast and precise small bench drilling machines

Topics Covered

  • Operate trade machinery effectively, safely and in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions
  • Select and use appropriate machine tools safely and effectively
  • Select and use appropriate trade related cutting tools including air and fluids
  • Manufacture parts in regards to supplied drawings using the most appropriate methods, materials and tools to specified tolerances
  • Manufacture engineering parts by using processes of milling, grinding and turning
  • Select appropriate materials for a given task
  • Manufacture parts from materials used in the manufacturing industry –ferrous, non-ferrous and composite materials
  • Manufacture parts to specific tolerances
  • Effectively use precision engineering measuring tools
  • Demonstrate the use feeds and speeds effectively while operating engineering machinery

A unique equipment portfolio

  • Turning machine (Lathe)
  • Milling Machine
  • Workbenches