Learning Environment for Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 3D lab Tour

Industry 4.0 is all about future production processes

The Cyber-Physical Factory is the apex of our progressive, modular learning system for training in Industry 4.0. It authentically replicates the stations of a real production system, integrating relevant mechatronic and automation technologies. With its training flexibility and expandability, the CP Factory represents numerous aspects of the Industry 4.0 value chain, including:

  • Integration of manufacturing divisions into digital production
  • Automated and manual assembly
  • Logistics in autonomous systems
  • Production planning and production control/MES
  • Lean production as a basis for Industry 4.0
  • Smart maintenance to monitor systems and system states
  • Quality assurance in Smart Factories

Qualification for the production of the future – Get your own Smart Factory

  • CP Factory (Cyber-Physical Factory) with the latest developments in Industry 4.0 network production
  • Modular Smart Factory system for teaching and research purposes
  • Modular and expandable Industry 4.0 factory model to represent the entire value chain
  • Transformable production through variable layout
  • Open interfaces which conform to industrial standards
  • Plug & produce methods


  • CP Factory with Industry 4.0 applications: CPS, RFID technology, NFC, Plug & Produce, standard interfaces, SOA, MES4 software, Augmented Reality
  • CP Factory as a convertible factory with exceptional flexibility
  • CP Factory Robot Cell for industrial robotics training

A unique equipment portfolio

CP Factory
CP Factory – Robot Cell