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Essential technologies in real-world industry; innovative and practical

Fluidics, by means of Pneumatics and Hydraulics, are essential technologies in the industrial sector. Air is clean, fast, easy to transport and store - only to mention some of the many advantages of Pneumatics. Wherever high pressure and high force is required in the Industry and environment, Hydraulics provides the solution.


  • Pneumatics and Hydraulics training packages
  • FluidSIM is the world's leading circuit diagram design and simulation program for pneumatics, hydraulics, and electrical engineering
  • Connected Learning with Tec2Screen; an innovative learning methodology that makes complex technologies easy to understand
  • Real-world pneumatics and hydraulics essential technologies
  • Easy and secure mounting of all components on the profile plate and the profile column of a Learnline workstation through the Quick-Fix mounting system
  • Individual or group training workstations can be created with minimum effort
  • The mobile Learnline workstation is designed to allow several people to work simultaneously
  • User-friendly training environments for specific topic areas

Topics Covered

  • Pneumatics, Basic level
  • Electropneumatics, Basic training
  • Measurement and control in pneumatics with FluidLab-P
  • Hydraulics, Basic training

A unique equipment portfolio

Hydraulics Training Sets
Pneumatics Training Sets