Learning Environment for Electrics/Electronics and Drive Technology

Electrics/Electronics and Drive Technology 3D lab Tour

The very first step in Automation education

Training in the basic disciplines of Mechatronics is the very first step of education and training in Automation. To be able to think and act within a networked system, the basic technologies must be fully understood. As an important technology in Industry, all aspects of Electrics and Electronics including contact-based circuits and Electrical drives can be trained in this lab.


  • Basic training packages in Electrics/Electronics and Drive Technology as the very first step of education and training in Automation
  • Ability to train in all aspects of Electrical and Electronics, including contact-based circuits and electrical drives
  • Servo/stepper motors
  • Connected Learning with Tec2Screen; an innovative learning methodology that makes complex technologies easy to understand

Topics Covered

  • Fundamentals of electrical engineering/electronics
  • Basic principles of digital technology
  • Basic principles of control technology
  • Basic principles of circuits with contacts
  • Servo motor drive technology and many other technologies

A unique equipment portfolio

TP 1011
TP 1211