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Whichever technology you want to teach to your students, Festo Didactic can support you in designing, planning and equipping your personalized laboratories and workshops. We continuously expand our range of technologies and areas of expertise. Contact us for details and information – our team of experts will work with you to find the best solution for your needs.



01-virtual_mechatronics_thumb_150x100.png   02-partly_automated_thumb_150x100.png   03-industry_40_thumb_150x100.png

Virtual Mechatronics                 Partly Automated Systems          Industry 4.0


04-fluidics_thumb_150x100.png    05-welding_thumb_150x100.png   06-eds_thumb_150x100.png

Fluidics                                        Welding Technology                    Process Automation


07-mech_engineering_thumb_150x100.png    08-eed_thumb_150x100.png   09-cad_cam_thumb_150x100.png

Mechanical Engineering           Electrics/Electronics and            CAD/CAM/CNC
                                                                Drive Technology


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