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Industry 4.0 will change the job requirements for almost all related positions within a company. Some tasks will be realigned or expanded to include additional focal points, while other tasks will no longer be appropriate and will be replaced with new ones. Targeted skills development allows you to provide continuous support during this process and beyond. 

Changing working conditions place greater demands on employee knowledge and skills. Users of Industry 4.0 solutions find themselves faced with the following issues:

  • Identifying and providing suitable data
  • Analyzing, interpreting and evaluating data
  • Integrating components and modules into complex communication systems
  • Eliminating process data irregularities
  • Parameterizing production orders
  • Operating hybrid systems

By supplying the right formats and customized content, we support you in qualifying your skilled employees to best prepare them for the demands of digital production. We offer an integrated training program for Industry 4.0, which combines highly automated learning systems, customized seminars, modern digital learning media and the latest didactic methods. We deliver practical, target group-specific solutions.

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Seminars and customized learning formats

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Industry 4.0 expert meeting

During a one-day expert meeting, topics that are of relevance for Industry 4.0 – such as Augmented Reality, CPS and Smart Factory – are the subject of detailed, concise and focused discussions. The Learning Factory at the Festo Global Production Center in Scharnhausen, provides an ideal setting for these events, where state-of-the-art production technology meets practical training.


Workstation I4.0
Seminars based on the CP Factory

The seminars cover individual Industry 4.0 technologies and associated tasks. In an initial seminar, participants become familiar with the layout, structure and interrelationships of the CP Factory. A follow-up seminar prepares participants for working with a versatile production system and covers the use of big data and smart maintenance, the generation of production statistics, and the analysis of typical system states.


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Customized training

Do you operate one or more Industry 4.0 systems? Are you looking for training programs matched to the specific needs of your employees? Then you've come to the right place. We will work with you to define your needs, new work tasks, and develop skills-oriented, customized training sessions or programs. We will focus on developing employee competency so that they are well-prepared to execute their new tasks and manage future challenges.

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