The new mobile robotics platform
Robotino 4


Easy to teach learning content of mobile robotics for Industry 4.0



Trend topic 'Mobile robotics for AGV and AMR' in the vocational training of mechatronics and computer scientists


The increased use of mobile robots in smart production is also changing training. With Robotino 4 you can teach digitalization and industry 4.0 with no effort.

Whether you solve tasks with the robotics platform alone or integrate it into a mechatronic learning system - with Robotino 4 you will be ready for the future!

Discover the technical innovations of Robotino 4 compared to the previous model.

Infographic Robotino 4_EN.jpg 

  • Not fit yet?
    Robotino 4 will show you mechatronics, sensors, programming, image processing and drive control.
  • Too complicated?
    The Plug-and-Learn concept of Robotino 4 works very simply: switch on, connect and off you go!
  • Bits & pieces?
    Robotino 4 is a complete learning system consisting of hardware, software, workbooks and technical support.
  • Too theoretical?
    Developed together with education and research we use industrial components. This way your students are optimally prepared for the requirements of smart production on AGV and AMR.

With these advantages the mobile robotics platform drives into your classroom!

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