People in the Smart Factory

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Humans remain the most important factor in the Smart Factory. They are highly flexible and can master a wide range of tasks in a short time. Machines on the other hand are often inflexible, yet work quickly, precisely and powerfully. In bringing these two worlds together, technology must be able to adjust itself to changing conditions and human intervention. Festo is constantly researching and improving the ways in which human and machines interact in the automation and manufacturing processes.

The new technologies will relieve production employees of certain work procedures, such as the acquisition, evaluation and utilisation of data for the control of processes. In return, other work procedures will be added, for example the supervision of a larger number of machines and processes connected in networks, or cooperation with software engineers and representatives of other disciplines that are integrated into the production networks.

Job profile for Industry 4.0

  • Complex decision making
  • Monitoring and action
  • Adaptive troubleshooting
  • Preventive maintenance

Qualification needs for Industry 4.0

  • Understanding Industry 4.0 applications (CPS, RFID, NFC, Augmented Reality, Energy Monitoring, Autonomous Guided Vehicle, interfaces and standards etc.)
  • Practical experience with Industry 4.0
  • Development of professional, social, methodological competencies and personal skills for Industry 4.0

A holistic approach to qualification for Industry 4.0
Festo Didactic offers a holistic approach to technical education: All learning environments, such as learning factories, laboratory equipment and e-learning products, are offered in conjunction with technical, organisational and people-oriented training programs in 40 languages worldwide and are associated with services like planning and operating complex learning centres, and with consultancy services for industrial companies.

Industry 4.0 Learning Solutions

CP Factory training situation
Cyber-Physical Factory

The CP Factory research and learning platform provides higher education institutions and companies with access to the technology and applications of Industry 4.0. The platform demonstrates the production of tomorrow in a locally controlled, intelligent network.



Learning System training situation
Learning System I4.0

A seamless learning system – starting with the project workstation I4.0 and continuing via the CP Lab through to the comprehensive CP Factory, the modules and pallets can be used at all stages. The CP Lab can be connected to the CP Factory via the mobile robot Robotino® and the deflector module.



TaC - QI4.0
Training and Consulting

To establish Industry 4.0 in a company, the training and qualifications of its skilled workers must be adapted to meet the new requirements of this interdisciplinary approach. For example, service technicians not only need practical mechatronics experience but also knowledge of IT infrastructures so that they can work at a high level to quickly rectify machine standstills.

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