MPS 400 Learning Factories

Compact all-around learning factories for competency-based qualification in mechatronics, automation technology, and Industry 4.0


Competencies in transition
New technologies are changing industrial practice and thus also the competency profiles of numerous job roles, such as that of the mechatronics engineer. This creates the need to integrate future-relevant topics such as IT security, energy efficiency, and machine learning into technical training – without neglecting the basic skills of mechatronics and automation technology.
To ensure this important learning content is taught not only theoretically, but in a hands-on, practical way, we’ve developed the new MPS 400 series.

Competency-based qualification in vocational education and training

The Curriculum Industry 4.0 - Learning Paths from Fundamentals to Industry 4.0

An all-around learning system
The MPS 400 series is not only used for training basic skills in the field of mechatronics and automation technology, but also imparts specialist knowledge in Industry 4.0 allowing the students competencies to grow with the system. As a miniaturized production line, the MPS 400 offers a deep insight into intelligent networking of machines in the production environment as well as their work processes.

MPS 403-1 Sample configuration from the MPS 400 series

Custom configurations
MPS 400 makes it particularly easy to configure individual learning factories. The system consists of individual building blocks, each containing all the elements for seamless integration. Every system building block represents an individual process that is modeled after a real production line with specific learning contents. This allows MPS 400 to optimally cover the curricula and requirements of different training professions and job roles.

Powerful software

FactoryViews is our new software portal through which learners, researchers and teachers can centrally access all software modules from our learning and research factories in the field of factory automation. With FactoryViews, the topics of production, mechatronics, automation, and Industry 4.0 are covered on the software side. The software ecosystem is optimally tailored to meet today’s Industry 4.0 education and training requirements and is the node and anchor point for easy access to MES4, a web shop and many other applications that can be individually integrated and configured.

Learn more about FactoryViews

Learning support

Augmented Reality supported learning concepts as well as a clear preparation of learning content with comprehensive learning documents make the MPS 400 series the learning system of choice for forward-thinking educational institutions. 


The optimal learning system for learners, teachers, and the innovators among us

Your benefits:

  • Learners can complete their entire training using a uniform learning system
  • Supporting media such as Augmented Reality and QR Codes can make the learning process more efficient
  • Modular hardware creates flexible experiential learning     
  • Adjustable trolley heights ensure an ergonomic and low-fatigue work environment
  • Industry-proven components and technologies ensure learners are optimally prepared and qualified to meet the demands of industry      
  • Teachers can be confident that the system will function reliably for many years thanks to high-quality components
  • The expandability of the learning system and the space-saving design ensure a cost-efficient overall solution

A wide range of topics
As a comprehensive learning system, the MPS 400 series addresses many different future-oriented technology areas and covers learning content such as:

  • Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
  • Webshop
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • IIOT retrofitting
  • Industrial networking with PROFINET
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
  • Human-Machine Interface (HMI)
  • PLC programming
  • Industrial communication with OPC UA
  • Smart sensors with IO-Link

Explore more learning topics
We offer custom learning solution packages for the MPS 400 series consisting of modular hardware and software components with corresponding educational materials in the following subject areas:

  • Mobile robotics
    With the Robotino 4 system building block, mobile robotics can be easily integrated into lessons on the MPS 400. Students will gain an understanding for the potential of flexible material flows for production.
  • Machine safety
    With the additional package for machine safety, common safety devices of modern machines can be mapped and learned using practical examples. Students will integrate industry proven safety devices directly into the learning factory, acquiring real hands-on skills.
  • Energy monitoring
    The topic of energy monitoring is taught with the help of the energy measurement box with industrial sensors for measuring the consumption of electrical power and compressed air. Learners will gain a good understanding of energy consumption in production and how to optimize it.
  • IT security    
    Cyber threats pose billions of dollars of risk to industry and are steadily increasing. With the additional package for IT security, learners acquire relevant skills in the field of applied IT security in a production environment. For example, the basics of VLANs, VPN and remote access are taught and practically applied to the learning factory.

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