Qualification for Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0: the fourth industrial revolution
Industry 4.0 describes a fundamental change in the world of production. Modern information and communication technologies are merging with classic industrial processes to form so-called cyber-physical systems. Driven by the Internet, the real and virtual world are increasingly growing closer together, creating smarter production factories that no longer need to rely on mass-producing goods for cost savings. A Smart Factory uses smart solutions to incorporate item uniqueness with flexibility, enabling the manufacture of individually configurable products at the cost of mass-produced goods.

Qualification needs for Industry 4.0
Industry 4.0 means that the tasks to be carried out are becoming more demanding, in both technological and organisational terms. Interdisciplinary competencies are growing in importance, which is why it is necessary to adapt the skills and abilities that are taught for the various trades. As the boundaries between the different functional levels are becoming ever more fluid, the need to adapt affects all technical professions.

What are the features of the production of the future?

  • Entire production plants will be digitally networked:
    • Intelligent components with plug-and-produce capability
    • The plant has a virtual emulation – this will enable automatic start-up and reconfiguration
    • Rapid balancing of capacity utilisation in a production network
    • Automatic adaptation of production lines to ordering capacities through simple, rapid extension or reduction of the manufacturing facilities
    • Simple compensation for defective production units
  • Control of production is becoming more intelligent and adaptable
  • Automatic start-up and reconfiguration of facilities
  • Customer-specific production
  • Humans and technology are cooperating to an increasing extent

Industry 4.0 Learning Solutions

CP Factory training situation
Cyber-Physical Factory

The CP Factory research and learning platform provides higher education institutions and companies with access to the technology and applications of Industry 4.0. The platform demonstrates the production of tomorrow in a locally controlled, intelligent network.


Learning System training situation
Learning System I4.0

A seamless learning system – starting with the project workstation I4.0 and continuing via the CP Lab through to the comprehensive CP Factory, the modules and pallets can be used at all stages. The CP Lab can be connected to the CP Factory via the mobile robot Robotino® and the deflector module.


TaC - QI4.0
Training and Consulting

To establish Industry 4.0 in a company, the training and qualifications of its skilled workers must be adapted to meet the new requirements of this interdisciplinary approach. For example, service technicians not only need practical mechatronics experience but also knowledge of IT infrastructures so that they can work at a high level to quickly rectify machine standstills.

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