Connected Learning

What is Connected Learning?

Connected Learning creates a new dimension in learning by seamlessly connecting the virtual and the real worlds. It combines familiar learning methods, such as face-to-face, hands-on, and self-guided learning, and thus erases the boundary between theory and practice through direct interaction between software and hardware.

Connected Learning is implemented using the mobile, multimedia and interactive learning companion Tec2Screen®.

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  • Prepares and trains individuals for working in dynamic and complex industrial environments.
  • Having a strong link between training and operational processes as well as modern technologies allows the development of a wide range of skills and aptitudes and therefore develops the student’s professional competence.
  • Specific support can be provided for the students’ weak areas, while their strengths can be actively developed.
  • Learning methods and content can be recommended and assigned in line with the student’s learning path and previous knowledge as well as his or her needs.
  • Software and hardware theory and practice are fused seamlessly with the Tec2Screen®.

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