Discover the Festo Didactic offering through the following modern learning concepts. 

Mobile robotic platform Robotino 4


Factories will become smart, machines will communicate with each other and artificial intelligence will enable new possibilities for process optimization in the future. Individualized products make higher demands on flexible production, therefore lot size 1 is the objective to be achieved. Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) are increasingly used alongside industrial robots.

Our new Robotino 4 enables you to qualify learners in vocational training specifically for the expectations of industry 4.0. With the help of free navigation, stereo camera, simulation software and integration into mechatronic learning systems, exactly the specialist knowledge required for future-oriented professions is conveyed.


Smart Sensor Technology


Smart sensors are located at the data measurement and monitoring level of the architecture for implementing cyber-physical systems. They are a basic tenet of Industry 4.0. Therefore, smart sensing technology is an inescapable topic when preparing people to work in modern manufacturing environments.



Digitalization in Pneumatics


Digitalization and networked productions have a vast influence on employee development for production, starting with apprentices and students. Check out our learning path and training packages preparing students and employees for digitalization, using a practical example from the work field maintenance.



Connected Learning

Highlights - Connected Learning

Occupational competence, self-reliance and adaptability are invaluable skills that are required in our daily work. The Connected Learning concept enables us to fully support our customers as they gain these skills and competencies for technical professions. The modern technologies and devices encompassed within this concept bring cutting-edge technical education directly to your institution.


Turnkey Education Solutions


We support you in designing your individualized laboratories and workshops by offering a wide variety of equipment and technologies in the field of technical education, all from one source. We offer a comprehensive range of of services from project definition and planning through to equipment installation, commissioning and training.


Qualification for Industry 4.0

QI4.0 - Highlights

Festo Didactic fully supports its customers in meeting the qualifications for digital production. Our holistic approach develops the competencies of future employees, using and applying the latest digital industrial technologies of Industry 4.0 and offering a specific qualification program.