Learning path towards digitalization in pneumatics

Upskilling for smart maintenance

We live in an ever-more connected world, linked by increasing digitalization.

In industry, we now have smart factories, where machinery, components, and products “speak” to each other across a network.  While digitalization has had a tremendous impact on manufacturing and production, there is an equally important impact on maintaining these new technologies. Maintenance is now Smart Maintenance, so traditional maintenance training in basic technologies is no longer adequate for maintenance personnel to fulfil the new challenges of their jobs. Today’s apprentices and students need to learn more digital skills than ever before. Support them to get prepared for this digitalization challenge!

Follow our learning path for qualification:

  • Begin with our training package, “TP101 – Basic pneumatics training.”
  • Then upskill with our training package “TP 201 – Basic electro-pneumatics training,”
  • and complete your dynamic curricula with our new equipment set “TP260.v2 – Digitalization in Pneumatics.”


Learning Outcomes
The learning outcomes of the "TP 201 – basic level electro-pneumatics” are essential prerequisites for the exercises found in “TP 260.v2 – Digitalization in pneumatics.” “TP260,v2 – Digitalization in pneumatics” will provide you answers for the following questions:

Tabelle_Landing Page TP 260.v2_EN_500.jpg 

Take a look at our practical exercises of the equipment set “TP260.v2– Digitalization in pneumatics”:


Target-oriented exercises
The workbook contains 15 exercises to make the learners easily understand the digitalization and then implement the necessary tools. There are special exercises to simulate a production environment where learners enjoy increasing the production numbers with the help of digitalization. Defective components enable the learners to practice smart troubleshooting techniques aided with digitalization.




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