The WorldSkills Competitions have for many years been the leading platform for international benchmarking in education. Each year we face this competition with enthusiasm: as an employer, as a training company, as an equipment and solution provider in the field of technical education, and as a promoter of the dual system for vocational training. What motivates us to be consistently a leader in the field of technical education, to push forward research and learning, and to generate fresh impetus stems from a variety of sources: from our flexible approach to work in teams, from learning together with other disciplines and ways of thinking, from continuous and persistent research into technologies and from our intuitive, forward-looking orientation in the development of products.

And it is precisely these qualities that young people need in the competition: they must work consistently and flexibly, often under pressure, they must both complement and communicate with their partners, they must have a good command of technology and its multiplicity of details, and be intuitive and curious when faced with apparently irresolvable problems.

Our aim is to support and assist these people in universities, schools and industries with optimal products and services. Our activities are oriented towards their tasks and what they want to achieve. This is where we aim to excel and help to communicate the competencies that are required by industry and enterprise – the skills that they need to ensure their own growth and their training, as well as to contribute to the economic progress of their country.