Solutions and Services

Markets across the world are subject to constant change. Companies that operate in these markets compete with each other to drive products and technologies and conquer new markets. What’s more, production is carried out in many regions with very different requirements and increasingly complex processes. At the same time, however, they must supply their products all over the world in the same high quality. To do this, they urgently require skilled people who are qualified in the latest technologies and who can quickly and efficiently support a company’s production process.

In order to work efficiently, qualified employees need both practical experience and basic knowledge about leading-edge technology – the basis of a dual training system. As one of the world’s leading providers of technical training facilities and educational services for industry, Festo Didactic designs and implements holistic solutions that systematically prepare people for work in dynamic and complex industrial environments. All learning environments, such as learning factories, laboratory equipment and e-learning products, are offered in conjunction with technical, organisational and people-oriented training programmes – in 40 languages worldwide – and are associated with services like planning and operating complex learning centres, and with consultancy services for industrial companies.

The aim of Festo Didactic is to maximise the potential of learning in schools and training centres and to develop skills sustainably in industrial companies around the world.


As an outsourcing partner to industrial companies and organisations, Festo Didactic offers solutions that are standardised and scalable worldwide, based on qualification requirement analyses, and tailored to a company’s needs or specific job profiles. From initial training and specialist, production-related advanced training to the development of training programmes and even turnkey learning centres, companies are able to purchase solution packages from Festo Didactic at their international production site and receive services in line with the latest education standards and technology.


The range of consulting services offered by Festo Didactic is developed in partnership with the technology factories in the Festo Group and include the strategic development of skills at industrial companies, lean management and process optimisation, as well as the integrated planning of factory areas. When it comes to planning and optimising processes, crucial factors are developing target value streams, deducing fields of activity and qualifying employees in a targeted manner. Particular attention is paid to corporate culture-related barriers to change, as every technical and logistical change process requires the individual and well-coordinated involvement of the employees.