PN111 – Modern industrial pneumatics – Fundamentals

In this course you will cover in detail the most up-to-date products, current tools and methods used in industry. Our principle is learning from the real world for the real world!

Target groups
FA: Operators, Maintenance, Design/Engineering, Trainer


  • Drives : Cylinders for different drive purposes
  • Valves: Various valve types (pneumatic/electric controlled, structures, different mid positions etc)
  • Controls: Pneumatic and electric controls of valves
    – Position control: Limit switches and sensors
    – Speed control: Uses of throttle valves
    – Logic control: And/or valves
    – Pressure control: Uses of adjustable pressure sensors
    – Time-dependent control
  • Basic principles of industrial electric controls: Buttons, contacts, relays
  • Basic principles of compressed air supply: Production, preparation, distribution
  • Symbolic representation of devices, standards
  • Identifying and eliminating faults, including safety aspects
  • Cutting installation costs – from single valve to valve terminal

The participant:

  • can design, assemble and test basic pneumatic circuits
  • can maintain and troubleshoot pneumatic components and basic control systems
  • can identify and describe the design, features, and operation of pneumatic components
  • can identify and explain symbols for pneumatic components
  • can interpret technical specifications and data relating to pneumatic components
  • knows the fundamentals of compressed air generation

Technical understanding

4 days

Customised Training
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