PLC271 – CoDeSys for Industry

In order to master the fast-changing requirements of embedded and PC-controlled industrial applications, it is increasingly important to master and apply different programming languages. This is complicated by the huge variety of programming software available. Differences in user-interface, functionality and commands sets cause confusion and make mistakes more likely. CoDeSys – a tried and tested, globally-introduced hardware-independent software from 3S offers a Controller Development System according to the IEC 61131-3 with all defined programming languages independent of the hardware manufacturer. This training demystifies CoDeSys and gives participants confidence in using it.

Target groups
FA: Maintenance
PA: Maintenance Process-Engineering, Design/Engineering, Service technicians, electricians, programmers and others


  • Construction and function of a PLC
  • Overview of the standard IEC 61131-3
  • Overview of automation structures and bus systems
  • Functionality of the CoDeSys programming environment
  • Use of the 6 programming languages IL, ST, LD, FBD, SFC, CFC
  • Offline simulation
  • Visualisation
  • Configuration and commissioning on Festo automation systems – and much more...

The participant:

  • can use and combine IEC 61131-3 languages (CoDeSys v2.3) to program an professional solution for an industrial application quickly and efficiently
  • can program IEC 61131-2 compatible industrial controllers
  • can describe the sequence of the MPS Distribution Station using Grafcet
  • can program the sequence of the MPS Distribution Station using a language or combination of languages
  • can use debugging tools to simulate, test and trace
  • can use CoDeSys features to troubleshoot
  • masters the fundamentals of visualisation
  • can create and use different kinds of variables (local, global)
  • knows how to find help within the software

3 days

Customised Training
Please contact Festo to arrange a consultation to discuss how this course or any course may be customised to the specific training requirements of your organisation.

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