New features of version 2.12:

  • New: Swedish and French! Earlier: English, Spanish, German and Hungarian version
  • New Modules:
    - Safe
    - Car alarm system
    - Three cylinders - control panel
    - Press with two-hand operation
    - Mobile phone timer (TON)
    - Motion detector timer (TOF)
    - Packaging of cubes - counter
    - Garage door - Pulse-edge control
    - Lifting luggage
    - Control panel 2 - lifting luggage
    - Cylinder motion - signal-edge
    - IO sim

EasyVeep is the new, free graphic 2D process simulation program with numerous attractive examples for PLC training. PLC training has to be fun. This includes realistic exercises and processes. But where can you get these without stealing them? Here is the solution. Ingredients:

  • One PLC (e.g. an S7 EduTrainer® Start)
  • EasyPort® from Festo Didactic and
  • A simulated elevator as received free with EasyPort® with the Windows application EasyVEEP  or a filling system, a level crossing, wind-driven generator etc.  

The EasyVeep process simulation program supplies the exercise description. Trainees develop the STEP 7 program. And the connections between the PC, EasyPort® and the S7 are quickly and easily made with the cables supplied. Off you go!

For PLC control of the process models, connect the digital EasyPort USB (part number 548687) to the PC, and wire the PLC with the EasyPort in accordance with the I/O assignment list for your process model. You do this with one or two I/O cables with two SysLink connectors or with one end unconnectorized for wiring to the PLC.
For further details, see the EasyVEEP manual. We want to continue to supply you with new process models. To do this, we need your help: Please send your suggestions for process models to did@festo.com.

Please write to us – we look forward to your feedback.

Operation of EasyVeep with EasyPort D16 only works correctly, if the EasyPort D16 interface is software version 1.21. The version number is shown on the label on the bottom of the unit.  


  • If you have the older software version 1.2, send us an email with your full address. We will then send you an EPROM with the latest software version free of charge.

  • Or send us your EasyPort and we will send it back to you updated for a processing charge of € 150.