The Cyber-Physical Factory

A comprehensive Industry 4.0 training factory
CP Factory (Cyber-Physical Factory) reflects the new developments in Industry 4.0 network production and offers a modular Smart Factory system for teaching and research purposes. CP Factory illustrates the practical implementation of a networked factory and can be used to represent the entire value chain.


  • Motivating, practical project exercises
  • Industry 4.0 relevant training topics, such as RFID, NFC and cloud computing
  • Step-by-step introduction of CPS
  • Versatility demonstrated by the autonomous Robotino®
  • Flexible robot cells with cameras to industry standard
  • Solid introduction to reliable machine networking

05-Project Workstation I4.0.png
Modular and flexible training system

The core of the system is its modularity which enables great flexibility by combining modules in different configurations for training in a variety of applications. The use of standard interfaces for each application module allows the modules to be interchanged in just a few minutes.



The learning platform presents various stations of a real production plant as an emulation that integrates all relevant and newest technologies from the fields of mechatronics and automation. Our training offer for the CP Factory includes comprehensive facilities for the following areas:

  • Assembly line
  • Logistics
  • Production
  • Production planning and control/MES (Manufacturing Execution System)
  • Lean production
  • Quality assurance


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Learning System I4.0
Learning System I4.0

A seamless learning system – starting with the project workstation I4.0 and continuing via the CP Lab through to the comprehensive CP Factory, the modules and pallets can be used at all stages.



Robotino transfer factory
® as automated guided vehicle
Robotino® is a universal, highly-flexible logistics component which is used for internal transport functions within the CP Factory.



CIROS screen shot
Simulation with CIROS
This powerful, industry-tested platform for 3D simulation modules in automation technology allows trainees to work in groups to program and simulate models using real programming languages and then use these in the hardware environment provided.