Worldskills 2007 Japan


Worldskills 2007 Japan

Festo and WorldSkills: Promoting talent – rousing enthusiasm


Rousing young people’s enthusiasm for careers in technology and the promotion of training have been core activities of Festo for decades.

For this reason, Festo Didactic has supported the Mechatronics Competition since its inception in 1991 – as official supplier of competition equipment and organizer of the Mechatronics discipline. As the need for training increases, so does the demand for greater sophistication of training methods. Innovative models are needed to gain an insight into training methods and systems in various countries, make comparisons, get new stimuli, and convert all this into Best Practices.

  • Gold medal: Switzerland
  • Silver medal: Brazil
  • Bronce medel: Korea

  • For the first time, the Mobile Robotics demonstration competition takes place in Shizouka. Official competition equipment: Robotino® by Festo Didactic

  • Gold medal: Japan
  • Silver medal: Taiwan (Chinese Taipee)
  • Bronce medel: Germany, Korea, Finland 


The WorldSkills competition offers an international forum promoting peak levels of achievement – because quality only becomes possible when there is a will to achieve exceptional performance. The elimination contest gives talented young people from all over the world an incentive to demonstrate their capabilities in practicerelated tasks.

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And the TriPod, the innovative High-tech handling system from Festo – powered the Abilympics competition  in Japan, where young people with disabilities showed their skills excellence in different trades.



Webcam for Mechatronics competition showing the last competition day  - you can fast forward to find action

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