S7 - Siemens


S7 - Siemens

You will be able to download a file that includes the newest PLC-programs for each MPS-C station.

After downloading, the file needs to be executed. The archived projects will be stored on your hard drive and can be opened using the STEP7 Software.

Please follow the instructions in the S7_readme.txt file for further details.


  • MPSC_Vxx.zip contains all PLC programs for all MPS-C Stations prepaired for the Siemens S7 SPS 313C* / 313C 2DP* / 314 und 315 2DP
  • MPSC_ANALOG.zip for the analogue-programs of the "Fluidic Muscle Press" station
  • SO_VIDP for PLC 313C 2DP* for the "Sorting Station" with PROFIBUS components only
  • VE_ASi for PLC 313C 2DP* as AS-i Master for the "Distribution Station" with AS-i components

* Please note that the compact-PLCs (313C / 313C-2DP) will only run on STEP7-V5.1 servicepack 3 or later (e.g. STEP7-v5.2) or TIA V11 or later.