FACT Centre for Mechatronics in Bsarma, Lebanon


FACT Centre for Mechatronics in Bsarma, Lebanon

Partner organisation
Zeenni´s Trading Agency and Industries

FACT Centre established in

Mr. Ibrahim Mallat, Director


Description of partner organisation
Zeenni’s Trading Agency and Industries was founded in 1945. It is located in Bsarma El Koura, North Lebanon. Over 250 employees work together for the success of the company. The business is focused on the production and packaging of household products and cosmetics. Further products include air refreshment articles, deodorants, shoe polishes and foodstuff. The process of manufacture is completely executed by the company, starting with the creation of the mould until the filling and wrapping. The production facilities dispose of modern equipment, which is operated by highly qualified technicians and skilled workers.

Description of FACT Centre
The establishment of the FACT Centre for Mechatronics resulted from a gap in the practical know-how of university graduates, who did not fulfil the application-oriented skill demands of local industry. In the meantime, the FACT Centre has installed two labs with basic equipment and an AFB Factory. The training includes courses on pneumatics, hydraulics, sensor technology, CAD/CAM/CNC, robotics and automation & programming.
The FACT Centre Bsarma is the only training institution in Lebanon which gives students the chance of experiencing the heart of mechatronics in cooperation with a German partner.


In the north of Lebanon, 70 km from Beirut