FACT Centre for Mechatronics in Bogotá, Colombia


FACT Centre for Mechatronics in Bogotá, Colombia

Partner organisation
Centro Metalmecánico, Regional Bogotá
Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje (SENA)

FACT Centre established in

Mr. Enrique Romero Contreras, Subdirector



Description of partner organisation
SENA is the Colombian National Training Service and is focused on the social and technical development of Colombian workers. It executes vocational training programmes which are adapted to the needs of industry.
The Centro Metalmecánico offers training for the maintenance, automation, design and development of products. The Centre has around 120 instructors and about 7,700 trainees, who are qualified in the operation, programming and control of machines and systems. Due to its advanced training standards and first-class equipment the Centre has acquired an image of high professionalism and excellence.

Description of FACT Centre
The FACT Centre in Bogotá covers initial and further training in mechatronics involving the technologies pneumatics, electropneumatics, PLC, mobile robotics, industrial communications and process control. The FACT Centre distinguishes itself from traditional laboratories through an open environment which resembles shop floor areas in industry. The openness allows communication and information to flow freely and motivates trainees by seeing others that might be already more advanced.


SENA, Centro Metalmecánico
Carrera 30 No. 17b – 25 Sur
Complejo del Sur-Bogotá