FACT Centre for Mechatronics in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


FACT Centre for Mechatronics in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Partner organisation
Abu Dhabi Polytechnic

FACT Center established in

Dr. Saud Aldajah 



Description of partner organisation
Abu Dhabi Polytechnic was established by the Institute of Applied Technology in 2010 to offer a dual educational-professional training system with multiple high-tech disciplines. The mission of AD Poly is to graduate technologists and engineers with an accredited academic degree and industrially recognized skills and competencies. The highlights of its education program include one-of-a-kind higher diploma and bachelor courses in partnership with corporate entities and a dual education system in which students spend about half their education in training facilities and apprenticeships.

Description of FACT Centre

The FACT Centre is a governmental entity managed by the Institute of Applied Technology. Partnered with Festo as a world leader in the field of mechatronics and industrial automation, the Centre offers trainings to students and technical professionals from local industry in many topics including, but not limited to, pneumatics, hydraulics, process control and factory automation. The FACT Centre is an exciting new venture that brings internationally recognized hands-on training in collaboration with various partners and a talented team of instructors.


Abu Dhabi Polytechnic/ Institute of Applied Technology
P.O.Box 111499
Mohammed Bin Zayed city, Z23
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates