25 years of Mechatronics – Let's celebrate!

Thousends of followers voted for thier favourite MPS® project and tried their best to help the teams win the equipment of the "Mechatronics competition" of the WorldSkills Leipzig 2013!

When in 1988 the new profession „Mecha-tronics“ was created, no one could have ever imagined the dimensions this vocational field would have one day.

During the WorldSkills in Leipzig 34 teams of mechatronics technicians from all over the world demonstrated their prowess using MPS® learning systems.

In order to celebrate 25 years of Mechatronics and MPS®, Festo Didactic offered a unique opportunity for all those that have supported us throughout the last years: more than twenty teams have applied and have sent us a short letter telling us everything about them and their story with MPS® (please have a look at the right).

From July 12 to 28, a voting on our Facebook-Page took place where people could vote for the most interesting MPS® project. The winner of the voting received a set of three MPS® stations used in the Mechatronics competition at WorldSkills 2013 (without the robot station).

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„Mechatronics“ and the Modular Production System MPS® – A short review

  • 1988: Reorganisation of the metal and electrical industry professions in Germany.
                This is the starting signal for MPS®
  • 1990: MPS® becomes an official competition at the WorldSkills competitions
  • 1992: MPS® receives an articulated arm robot
  • 1994: MPS® in a new design: from now on with a wagon with integrated PLC board
                and operating panel
  • 1997: Virtual add-on: with VEEP®-2 for the first time MPS® stations can be simulated
                and controlled on the PC
  • 1998: MPS® receives the Worlddidac award
  • 1999: First MPS® with robots in connection with CNC machines
  • 2002: the 3rd generation of MPS® is released. The novelty: MPS® as a modular system.
  • 2005: two new stations: Pick&Place and FluidMuscle
  • 2007: new modules: turning module and measuring module
  • 2009: Handling station, electrical: From now on the "known station" at the WorldSkills
                competitions. Now 16 stations available!
  • 2013: At the WorldSkills in Leipzig (Germany) Festo Didactic shows its new modules
                for MPS®: fit for the future with plug&learn!


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