I40-CPF - Basics Industry 4.0 trainings

I40-CPF - Basics Industry 4.0 trainings

A comprehensive Industry 4.0 training factory

The CP Factory (Cyber-Physical Factory) reflects the new developments in Industry 4.0 network production and offers a modular Smart Factory system for teaching and research purposes. The CP Factory illustrates the practical implementation of a networked factory and can be used to represent the entire value chain.

The learning platform presents various stations of a real production plant as an emulation that integrates all relevant and newest technologies from the fields of mechatronics and automation. Our training offer for the CP Factory includes comprehensive facilities for the following areas:

  • Assembly line
  • Logistics
  • Production
  • Production planning and control/MES (manufacturing execution system)
  • Lean production
  • Quality assurance

 Basics of Industry 4.0 at the CP Factory

  • Changes in the sense of Industry 4.0
  • Terms used in the context of Industry 4.0 (Cloud, big data, networking, MES, RFID, customized manufacturing ...) and their application in the CP Factory
  • Basic structure of the CP Factory and material flow
  • Communication channels of the CP Factory
  • Becoming familiar with the components

Basics of product identification at the CP Factory

  • The product as a carrier of its own information data
  • The connection of material and information flow
  • Inductive methods for product identification
  • Optical methods for product identification: barcode and QR code
  • Radio-based methods: RFID and NFC
  • Reading and writing information

CP Factory – Working with MES4

  • What is a manufacturing execution system (MES)?
  • Working with MES4 at the CP Factory
  • Creation of master data (resources, routings, components)
  • Generating and planning orders
  • Quality management

CP Factory – Production planning and control in smart factories

  • Principles of production planning and control
  • Basics of manufacturing execution systems and their
  • integration in the company network
  • Data analysis for process and layout optimization
  • Usage of process simulations to evaluate adaptions
  • Designing layouts for optimal production flows

Smart maintenance at the CP Factory/Factory tour Festo Scharnhausen

  • Smart maintenance in smart factories
  • Identifying weak points in machines and systems using big data
  • Estimating the risk of failures and financial loss
  • Setting priorities in maintenance using lean maintenance
  • The concept of predictive maintenance
  • The concept of usage-dependent maintenance
  • Spare parts management
  • Practical exercises and examples
  • Maintenance with mobile devices

Duration: 5 days


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14.09.2020 - 18.09.2020 Esslingen
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02.11.2020 - 06.11.2020 Esslingen
1.680,00 EUR 1.948,80 EUR Markiertes Seminar in den Bestellkorb legen

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