Connected Learning

Learning for applications in industry is becoming more mobile, more networked and more independent. Trainees and students can now put together their own learning programme, can choose where they want to learn without being dependent on educators and professors, and can prepare on their own in advance for their lessons – in many different languages. At the same time they want to share their experiences in an ever more valuable global network, and also wish to profit from working in teams and exchanging experiences.

The concept of “Connected Learning – Tec2Screen®” provides students with knowledge in a modular and networked form and helps establish an intuitive connection to technologies that is easy to communicate and to share. With “Tec2Screen®”, our new adaptive and mobile product, we add a qualitative dimension to learning. Consisting of a combination of base unit and iPad, Tec2Screen® makes it possible to call up modular learning material from the fields of mechatronics, robotics, industrial communications and plant controlling and can be directly connected to different learning environments in laboratories.