National and international competitions with Robotino®

Autonomous robots in competition.


Robotino® has established itself as a mobile mechatronic learning system for automation technology in technical vocational education worldwide. Its special place in learning labs can be attributed among other things to the fact that as a mobile robot it has a motivating effect on young people in particular.

Once learners have understood the movement and orientation principle and have recognised the possibilities of visual programming with Robotino® View, they won't want to do without this robot ever again.

In the wake of the RoboCup, the Robotino® has taken and defended its place in competitions both in higher education and in vocational training. While other robotics competitions are often characterized by the development and improvement of the systems, in the RoboCup and the WorldSkills all participants have access to the same robots – the challenges lie in finding intelligent solutions to logistical problems.

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There are several globally established competitions for the Robotino®:

In the context of


Professional competitions


 Logistics League

Mobile Robotics

Target group:


No age restrictions

Vocational and further training

Participants must not be older than 23 in 2013.


Team competition,
any number of team members

Three autonomous Robotinos® work in an area that is to be interpreted as a factory.

Your task:
Transport unfinished parts from the warehouse through a production process and into outgoing goods.

  • Orientation in space 
  • Short, quick paths
  • Precise positioning 
  • Intelligent logistics strategies

Team competition,
Two-member teams

1 Robotino®

Two exercise sections (examples):

  • Adding specified manipulator to the robot system
  • Solving a logistical task in which the Robotino® as an automated guided vehicle system is to travel along specified paths within a production plant indicated by symbols.


Free selection of programming system

Special features:
The function of the machines and the status of the product to be produced are stored on radio frequency identification chips. The function of the individual "machines" standing in the hall is not known to the participants at the beginning.
Participating teams can use the Robotino® for special conditions.


Robotino® View

Special features:
The rules are stricter than for the Logistic League of the RoboCup. The expected performance outcomes are comparable with those of a successful mechatronics training, for example.

Participating teams can use the Robotino® for special conditions.


Dates for international competitions:

RoboCup 2014

July, 19 to 25, 2014
in João Pessoa, Brazil


WorldSkills 2015

August, 11 to 16, 2015
in São Paulo, Brazil


Taster courses Robotino® View 2 and Robotino® SIM:  programming free of charge




World Skills