FACT Centre for Mechatronics and Flexible Manufacturing in Girón, Colombia


FACT Centre for Mechatronics and Flexible Manufacturing in Girón, Colombia

Partner organisation
Centro Industrial de Mantenimiento Integral (CIMI) Regional Santander
Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje (SENA)

FACT Centre established in

Claudia Celina Marín Ariza



Description of partner organisation
SENA is the Colombian National Training Service and is focused on the social and technical development of the workforce in the country. 118 training centres throughout the country provide face-to-face training tailored to the needs of local industry and qualify annually more than 10 million Colombians.

The Industrial Center for Integrated Maintenance (CIMI) in Giron is located in a zone of high industrial activity and influences the regional development of the metropolitan area of Bucaramanga, especially in the automotive sector. 154 instructors qualify around 2,800 trainees in metal welding, in electrical, electronic and mechanic maintenance, the automation, design and development of products and in information and communication technologies.

Description of FACT Centre
The FACT Centre Girón has been established to offer state-of-the art training in industrial automation and mechatronics. Trainees can develop their competences in pneumatics, electropneumatics, PLC, industrial communication, servo positioning and process technology. Due to an update of equipment the training offer now includes improvement and optimization of automated processes and allows training in logistics and flexible manufacturing.




SENA, Centro Industrial de Mantenimiento Integral
Kilómetro 7, Via Rincón de Girón