CIROS®: professional training in virtual learning environments

CIROS®: professional training in virtual learning environments

The fascination of 3D simulation
Modern PC technology allows us to create realistic 3D simulations even for the most complex of automation systems. The participants discover the kinetic dynamism of mechatronic systems using virtual reality – without any risk to human or machine. This allows us to take a step into automation technology without any worries, providing a great motivational boost.

The ways we work and learn have changed – and CIROS® supports these new methods. The focus is placed on understanding things visually: the attractive representation on the PC motivates and encourages the learning process.


Industrial practice
Today, simulation represents an important tool in production and product development for analysing new solutions, methods and processes in a quick and low-cost manner. Depending on the task in question, simulation systems come into play which differ from each other in terms of the level of detail of the information to be obtained and the way in which they calculate this information.

Flexible learning
Realistic simulated learning systems broaden the possibilities in training situations where real automation systems would be stretched to their limits. They allow new training content and scenarios to be covered using simulation.

Safe commissioning
Large, fast and cost-intensive equipment is used in mechatronic systems. Despite this, robots, linear axes and transport systems can be explored and commissioned within the simulated production environment without posing any risk whatsoever to students or the installation.

Faults made easy
A simple click of the mouse in the simulation is all that is needed to put a pneumatic cylinder or an inductive sensor into a fault state. This opens up new learning situations in which students can be trained in systematically searching for faults.

Putting simulation to use
While virtually commissioning industry control systems and robots, students are able to use the system simulation to develop sequencing and motion programs which can then be transferred to the control systems actually in place.

Unlimited use
Nowadays, any student can use a simulation program with minimum effort. At the same time, full functionality of the simulated systems is guaranteed at all times. As a result, simulation helps save costs and contributes to ensuring that the same conditions apply for all students. What's more, simulation technology can be used for almost any application.

Ready to use immediately
After installing CIROS®, you can utilise one of the over 150 included simulation models from the factory and process automation sector for teaching and use the comprehensive model documentation.

CIROS® – the universal 3D simulation system made in Germany

The flexibility provided by CIROS® makes it suitable for many different fields of application. It is available in a variety of price ranges with different options and configurations, and is efficient and convenient to use on a daily basis.

CIROS® covers a great number of applications: ranging from the use of 3D simulation in basic and further training, through the implementation of the digital factory in industrial companies and right up to real-time simulations of complex virtual worlds.