FluidSIM® 4 Pneumatics – Student version

FluidSIM® 4 Pneumatics – Student version

The student version of FluidSIM® has been revised and now offers significantly more advantages than in the past. For example, the new student version includes full electrotechnical functionality, which means that comprehensive electropneumatic circuit diagrams can be drawn and simulated. The basic circuits from our pneumatics technology package (TP 101) and our electropneumatics technology package (TP 201) are available in separate libraries. All of the circuits can be saved and used again later if necessary. The CD-ROM includes the complete manual in PDF format. The student version can be installed without a dongle.

There are some justified limitations, however, given the enormous difference in price compared with the full version. For example, it is no longer possible to display the exact values for pressure, flow rate, speed etc. during simulation. A further limitation is that circuits can only be simulated with up with two cylinders. The pressure function has also been rendered inactive. A detailed overview of the functional scope of the various versions can be found in the attached table.

System requirements

  • PC with Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7
  • Flash-Player
  • Sound card
  • DVD-ROM drive

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