Electropneumatics – Basic level – TP 201 America – Supplementary equipment set TP 101 A – TP 201 A

Electropneumatics – Basic level – TP 201 America – Supplementary equipment set TP 101 A – TP 201 A

The Lab-Volt Pneumatics – Electrical Control successor

The Lab-Volt Fluid Power System has been re-engineered and transferred to Festo Didactic’s Training Packages series.

TP 201 America is an extension to TP 101 America and a comprehensive introduction to electropneumatics.

Equipment set TP 101 America is a prerequisite to use TP 201 America.

The electrical symbols in the courseware and on the modules are drawn according to NEMA standards. The design and simulation software ­FluidSIM® provides all required NEMA symbols in easy-to-access component libraries. In addition, all circuits in the courseware procedures are available in FluidSIM® for reference.

Training aims TP 201 America

Introduction to Electropneumatics

  • Familiarization with the Equipment
  • Electrical Concepts
  • Basic Electricity
  • Ladder Diagrams and Logic Operators
  • Basic Electropneumatic Circuits

Sequence Systems

  • Basic Memory and Priority
  • Multi-Pressure Systems
  • Sequencing Pneumatic Circuits
  • Time-Delay Electropneumatic Applications

Industrial Applications

  • Deceleration of Actuators
  • Counting of Actuator Cycles
  • Industrial Drilling System and Safety Circuits
  • Garbage Compactor Circuit


  • Troubleshooting Electrical Control Circuits
  • Troubleshooting Electropneumatic System


As a prerequisite for the setup of any fluid power training system, a work-station is required. A wide range of workstations is available, from simple desktop arrangements to complete workplaces supporting customization possibilities.

Energy supply

A variety of compressors and DC power supplies are available.

Software for circuit design and simulation

Designing and planning can be pure fun with FluidSIM®.

Service and seminars

Our offering supports educational facilities to develop and speed up learning success.

Equipment set + Courseware = Training Package

The courseware exercises are ­tailor-made for the corresponding equipment set.

Next step: our additions – your choice

A variety of possibilities can be added according to your educational needs.

Supplementary equipment sets:

TP 210    – Measurement and control

TP 220    – Different drive types in pneumatics

TP 230    – Vacuum system technology

TP 240    – Sensors in pneumatics

TP 250    – Safety in pneumatic systems

Stand-alone basic level:

TP 111    – Basic closed-loop in pneumatics

TP 1311 – Sensors for object detection

The electrical symbols in these supplements are drawn according to IEC standards. A NEMA/IEC conversion table is provided in the courseware of TP 201 America to support the implementation.


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