EDS® Nacelle – Operation and Maintenance: Training course documents

EDS® Nacelle – Operation and Maintenance: Training course documents


Wind power has been used for centuries for tasks such as grinding grain, pumping liquids, and driving machinery. It is only in the 1890’s that the first wind machines used to produce electricity were built in Denmark, Scotland, and the
United States. This type of clean and renewable energy has since evolved to such an extent that it now meets a significant portion of the electricity demand in several countries and its use continues to expand.

This course on wind turbines teaches the production of electrical energy from wind power with a focus on operation, troubleshooting, and maintenance of the equipment. Basic electrical and hydraulic knowledge is recommended before starting the course. The manuals present the different parts of a wind turbine and provide useful information targeted for the future wind turbine technician and operator.

The Jobsheet Workbook contains theory and exercises which are directly related to the EDS® Nacelle.

Structure overview:

  • Appendix A
    Conversion Table
  • Appendix B
    Electrical Graphic Symbols (IEC and NEMA)
  • Appendix C
    Hydraulics and Pneumatics Graphic Symbols
  • Appendix D
    Hydraulic Schematic
  • Appendix E
    Alarms and Warnings Listing
  • Appendix F
    Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
  • Appendix G
    Trainer Specifications
    – Lubricants
    – Grease
    – Gearbox oil
    – Hydraulic oil
    – Hydraulic oil filter
    – Hydraulic pump and motor
    – Gearbox parts
    – Generator coupling tolerance

Note for instructors:
You will find in this Instructor Guide all the elements included in the Student Manual together with the answers to all questions, results of measurements, graphs, explanations, suggestions, and, in some cases, instructions to help you guide the students through their learning process. All the information that applies to you is placed between markers and appears in red.


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