KoChang-FMS, Korea


KoChang-FMS, Korea


KoChang Polytechnic college / KoChang

Installation date

System solution
Distribution station, Testing station, Processing station, Packing station, Industrial Conveyor system, Handling station with Robot, Automatic Storage and Retrieval system (AS/RS)
Production cell for Cylinders (MPS).

  • Transport System: 7.2m x 0.3m Dual Conveyor system, 2 Lifting systems, 10 Pallets, controlled by LG-PLC
  • AS/RS: 3-axes Industrial x-y-z Robot, 1 Teach-pendent, 1 Robot drive unit, 20 shelves, I/O-points, I/O interface with PLC, DLU (LG Fieldbus) interface with FAM (LG Monitoring system)
  • Distribution Station: Feeding separated part to a process, Stack magazine module, 1 Pneumatic rotary actuator, 1 Vacuum generator, Relay control, I/O interface with PLC
  • Testing Station: Using sensors for quality control purposes, acquisition and evaluation of digital and analogue signals, Recognition module, Lifting module, Slide module, Measuring module, PLC controlled DLU interface with FAM
  • Processing Station: Transport of material with rotary indexing table, Drilling and Checking drill holes, 1 Rotary indexing table, 1 Drill module, 1 Checking module PLC controlled DLU interface with FAM
  • Packaging Station: Packaging of material with stack magazines, 1 stack magazine for case, 1 stack magazine for cover, 3 Inductive sensors, PLC controlled DLU interface with FAM
  • Robot Station: Handling a material from Packaging station to AS/RS, 4-axes Industrial SCARA Robot, 1 Pneumatic gripper, 1 Teach-pendent, 1 Robot drive unit, I/O interface with PLC
  • The Supervisory Control System includes the cell controller (FAM) for process control and coordination and connected with each other using Fieldbus (DLU-Data Link Unit)